Top 10 largest Seafood Export companies in Vietnam

top 10
Below is a list of the top 10. Source: Tepbac

Let’s join with Tepbac to learn about the Top 10 seadfood tycoon in Vietnam processing and exporting industry that you may not know.

1. Minh Phu Seafood Corporation Joint Stock Company

With a high revenue up to 10,000 billion VND per year, Minh Phu Seafood Corporation is known as the leading seafood corporation in Vietnam when it has the largest seafood export turnover in the country and exports to more than 50 countries and regions. Minh Phu is still continuing to expand their consumption network to other markets such as the US, Australia, EU, Canada,…

This is also the first seafood enterprise in Vietnam to receive the GLOBAL GAP standard for shrimp farming and processing for export. The two main products that have helped create the company’s reputation are Black Tiger shrimp and White Vannamei shrimp.

tôm thành phẩmWhite Vannamei shrimp. Source:

2. Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company

Established on December 29, 1997 in Dong Thap province with formerly known as Vinh Hoan Co., Ltd. At first, the company was just a small fish processing factory, but after a period of continuous efforts and development, Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company has now become one of the leading companies in processing and exporting Pangasius bocourti and pangasius in Vietnam and around the world with high quality in each product that the company produces.

The company is always "Try before you trust" by foreign partners for products such as basa fillet and pangasius.

Closed processing process in Vinh Hoan. Source:

3. Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company

Established in 2003 and started production activities in My Tho Industrial Park, Tien Giang province. Up to now, the company is operating in many fields of seed production, aquaculture, feed production, ....

Proud to be the largest export catfish processing and production enterprise in Vietnam and also the leading enterprise in export turnover of this item across the country. Currently, the company has more than 19 years of establishment and development and Hung Vuong’s products are widely available in 60 countries around the world.

cá tra filletPangasius fillet products of Hung Vuong company. Source:

4. An Giang Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Agifish)

An Giang Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Agifish) is also one of the leading companies in Vietnam processing and exporting basa and pangasius. With a high-quality production model, Agifish always applies quality management systems in the entire process of HACCP, CoC, etc, to improve productivity as well as always meet product standards before delivering to customers domestic and foreign consumption.

Continuously for many years from 2003 to 2018, An Giang Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company was always honored to receive the award "Vietnamese high quality goods". And this is also the only enterprise operating in the field of seafood to be awarded the title of "National Brand" (Vietnam Value) in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

cá basaPangasius products of Agifish. Source:

5. Phuong Nam Company Limited

Established on January 8, 1998, the company operates mainly on processing and exporting shrimp for domestic and foreign markets. In addition, the company also participates in many farming areas and investment cooperation for aquaculture farmers. With a part that can make it easier for farmers to grow shrimp, and besides, it also helps the company to have quality supplies when fully combining the processes to be able to provide the best products. safe products, no antibiotics and always the freshest to customers.

The company also invests in modern equipment from the UK, Sweden, ... along with advanced American technology in farming and processing.

tôm súBlack tiger shrimp products (illustration). Source:

6. Ca Mau Import-Export and Seafood Processing Joint Stock Company (Camimex)

And ranked 6th on this list is Ca Mau Import-Export and Seafood Processing Joint Stock Company, a company specializing in processing and exporting finished shrimp to markets around the world with more than 10,000 tons/year and extremely popular in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Western European countries. Most especially, the company is also headquartered in California, USA to expand the distribution of Camimex’s products to countries in the Americas market.

Although it has been over 40 years, the company still maintains their position and continues to become the leading shrimp processing and exporting company.

 công ty

Camimex Company. Source:

7. Minh Quy Seafood Processing Company Limited

Although it is the youngest company when compared to the seniors on this list, but since its establishment in early May 2011, Minh Quy Seafood Processing Co., Ltd. has gradually proved their ability, strength as it is known by more and more consumers thanks to its creativity, dynamism, constantly improving its reputation as well as always trying to build a brand that carries both enthusiasm and intelligence and the company’s love for its customers.

Currently, the main products that Minh Quy company exports include: pangasius fillet, pangasius cut into pieces, whole pangasius cleaned...

minh quýPangasius products at Minh Quy company. Source:

8. Can Tho Import and Export Agricultural Animal Production Company Limited (Cataco)

The company specializes in seafood processing and has 3 member units under CATACO:

▪ Export food processing enterprise (Cataco) established in 1996.

▪ Caseafood was established in October 1999.

▪ Duyen Hai Food Processing Enterprise was established in October 2001.

But besides that, Cataco also cooperates with frozen factories in Central Vietnam: Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Phan Thiet…. in the field of processing, trading and exploiting aquatic products, creating stability in timely supply to meet customer needs. Currently, the company’s total output is about 10,000 tons of products per year.

cá tra nèPangasius (illustrated). Source:

9. Quoc Viet Import and Export Seafood Processing and Trading Company Limited

Established in 1996 and has two generations of rich experience in providing high quality shrimp products to worldwide markets such as Japan, USA, Europe, Canada, etc.

Quoc Viet also focuses on building BRC and ISO-22,000 systems, etc. Besides, obtaining HACCP, GMP and SSOP certifications has helped the company a lot in ensuring the entire quality of its products to be able to meet all requirements from consumers.

xuất khẩu tômExport of shrimp (illustration). Source:

10. Central Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company

After nearly 40 years of establishment and development, Central Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company is known by everyone in the industry as a state-owned enterprise, having autonomy in business as well as financial autonomy. with annual revenue of more than 1600 billion.

And thanks to those unceasing efforts, Saedanang has received many noble achievements through the State Labor Medals awarded (Third Class-1992, Second Class- 1998, First Class-2003) , especially the title " Labor Hero in the renovation period" (2000) and many other important titles.

tôm thành phẩmFinished shrimp (illustration). Source

As one of the economic spearhead sectors of Vietnam’s agriculture, the above- mentioned companies as well as other seafood processing and exporting companies are also constantly making efforts to affirm and improve their position. To help Vietnam has a higher ranking on regional and international rankings of seafood exports, improve the image of Vietnam in the eyes of friends around the world.

By Phạm Mét Tơ | Source: | Last updated on: November 08, 2022
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