Tepbac CEO “Don’t let farmers left behind the digital technology!”

CEO tepbac
Mr. Phong Tran, Tepbac CEO.

By 2022, the aquaculture content website tepbac.com has more than 10,000 visits per day, ranking 5th in the top 10 seafood websites globally. The model of "Farmext Smart Farm" is highly appreciated by seafood experts in practice. Behind those strong strides, it is indispensable for the wise and enterprising decisions of Mr. Phong Tran, Tepbac CEO.

Mr. Phong Tran was born and raised in Bac Lieu province - one of the provinces with a long history of shrimp farming in Vietnam. His family has experienced in shrimp farming for over 25 years. He graduated from Nong Lam University, majoring in aquaculture. After graduating, he worked and studied for a second degree at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. His passion for technology prompted him to teach himself to code and start building a group of like-minded companions.

Even during his college years, he found it difficult to find official information on aquaculture. To help people always be updated with new knowledge about seafood as soon as possible, the tepbac.com website was established in 2012.

Four years later, when digital technology exploded in European countries, it spread to Southeast Asia. The application of technology to aquaculture is gradually popular in leading seafood exporting countries such as Norway, Ecuador, and China. He realized that if we don’t help our Vietnamese farmers - especially those in aquaculture, we will become lagging behind, leading to a serious decrease in the competitive value of Vietnamese seafood in global market. From here, he laid the first foundation for the model "Smart Farmext"

For himself, he often reminds himself: "For the sake of farmers" - that’s why he chooses the farming stage to improve, even though he knows it’s difficult to change the "experience" opinion in the hearts of the farmers. But this is a necessary thing to do at all costs, so that Vietnamese farmers can grasp the technology in aquaculture as soon as possible, creating a springboard to bring Vietnamese seafood to every corner of the world.

Ceo tepbac

"Farmext Smart Farm" - The pride of Vietnamese intelligence

A standard “Farmext smart farm” will include the following equipment and software:

- Farmext application – An application that provides effective farm management solutions

- Farmext cabinet control cabinet – Acts as a remote switch for equipment in the pond. People can monitor and set the time to turn on or off or the machine will automatically turn on and off according to environmental conditions

- Environmental meter Farmext Envisor – Environmental measuring device 24/7, 5 minutes / time and has an automatic cleaning system. The data is sent to the Farmext App. to make it easy for people to track. Display meter readings: pH, ORP, temperature, DO, salinity

- Smart Feeder Farmext feeder – Automatically suggests feeding program depending on the stage of shrimp, the machine can also feed according to environmental conditions.

Farmext smart farm
Farmext smart farm model.

All devices will be managed and retrieved on the Farmext app. With this application, farmers can always monitor the status of their current ponds anywhere. Besides, the synchronous coordination of IoT devices helps to reduce farming costs significantly. Thanks to the AI algorithms of Tepbac, the Farmext app can automatically analyze environmental conditions and release prompt and right decisions for IoTs devices to help farmers feed fish and shrimp more efficiently under predetermined conditions, and save electricity for paddle wheel and aeration devices. In addition, unexpected events such as failure to timely detect critical situations affecting productivity, continuous use of electricity for many hours causing fire and explosion, occupational accidents on ponds, etc. have been included in the report control.

Currently, Tepbac has cooperated with several large and small enterprises in the country to provide the Farmext model. In addition, Farmext has also received support from state agencies including the Ministry of Science and Technology, agricultural extension centers in provinces, etc. Officials at all levels have made opportunities for farmers to understand and experience more about the benefits of using digital technology, as well as introduce to farmers high quality technology products marked "Made in Vietnam". It can be seen Tepbac company in general and the Farmext model, in particular, have received the trust and favor of people with more than 12 complete models, 100 retailed devices, and more than 4,000 users on Farmext. app.

Farmext smart farm
Mr. Phong Tran and Smart Farmext Team.

Carrying the mission of bringing Vietnamese seafood beyond borders, with steady momentum, Farmext aims to perfect artificial intelligence in the future to become the most advanced management technology for Vietnamese aquaculture. In the near future, Farmext will be widely introduced to government organizations in neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, India, etc. "With everyone’s consensus and support," my dream of seeing Vietnamese seafood on the shelves of every supermarket in the world will not be far away,” Phong said.

By Linh Tran | Source: | Last updated on: September 21, 2022
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