Vietnamese province targets cleaner shrimp breeding with Japanese backing

Vietnamese province targets cleaner shrimp breeding with Japanese backing
Farmers harvest shrimp in Viet Nam

The Vietnamese province of Soc Trang has entered a partnership with Japan`s Hiroshima prefecture in order to improve the quality of production at the province`s shrimp breeding sites, reports Vietnam Plus.

Le Van Hieu, vice chairman of the people`s committee of Soc Trang, held a working session with representatives of Hiroshima`s international trade division on May 28 to discuss planned collaboration efforts in 2019.

Hiroshima has brought its technology for improved sewage and waste treatment at its own shrimp farms to Soc Trang, and in return, Van Hieu has proposed that Hiroshima purchase all of the new cleaner shrimp output.

Businesses in both regions have been exchanging information about their technologies used for waste and sewage treatment, as well as shrimp consumption habits in their respective provinces.

According to Matsubara Kazuki, head of the Hiroshima international trade division, the country has had standards issues with shrimp imported from India, which is then sold at low prices. By improving its standards on water cleanliness and environmental treatment, Vietnamese shrimp can fetch a higher price from Japanese consumers, Kazuki reportedly said.

Source: By Undercurrent News | Last updated on: May 31, 2019

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