Tây Ninh: Pangasius price up, farmers take caution

Tây Ninh: Pangasius price up, farmers take caution
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Pangasius price has risen since early 2018 with over 30 thousand VND per kilogram while it was under 20 thousand VND in 2017.

Although the price of pangasius has increased since early this year, farmers are standing by, said leaders of People`s Committee of Đôn Thuận, Hưng Thuận and Tây Ninh communes.``They are afraid of the price being up and down. They have decided to leave ponds empty or rear low commercial value fish but take risks with pangasius. Once pangasius price falls, they will suffer serious loss because investment cost for this fish is huge``, said an officer from Đôn Thuận commune People`s Committee.

He also said that if competent agencies inform, technical support, and point farmers in the right direction, they will feel assured to invest in pangasius farming. It would be a pity if farmers dare not rear pangasius as the price has increased considerably. However, it is uncertain that pangasius price will stay at the range which brings benefits to farmers next months. Farmers, therefore, must be very cautious.

By VFM | Source: Báo Tây Ninh | Last updated on: September 19, 2018

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